Personal Boxing Training Gold Coast

Private white collar Boxing Fitness

"These sessions incorporate basic techniques & circuits with an emphasis on general fitness" 

boxing fitness training gold coast

Private Boxing Fitness Training: Gold Coast Options :                                                                                           Boxing fitness sessions are available :    All fitness levels welcome.

Executive Fighter does NOT cater for "casual" visits or "general" group training.(That is what most other gyms are for.)We give a more personalised service and are a private ,customer service focussed gym with no contracts or joining fees.  Group boxing training is only available for our unique padwork courses and workshops.

Advanced & Private Beginners boxing training gold coast

  • Learn basic boxing techniques suited to fitness including cardio & strength training with a Fully Qualified Personal trainer Cert. IV and Advanced Cert. boxing trainer.These Boxing Circuits are a great cardio class which uses similar fitness techniques boxers use to get fit! Use boxing bags, speed ball and other boxing apparatus, focus pads with a trainer as well as body weight exercises.  A great intro to the art of boxing and excellent for improving fitness and strength.Session consists of cardio exercises, & basic boxing techniques.

Exclusive & Private Personal Training & Tuition services - 45-90minutes per session 

  •   Men & women mixed training
  •   Men only or women only training
  • Optional - general nutrition plans are available. Includes a general food plan,supplementation plan & a hydration plan.(General plans can not be specifically designed to work in conjunction with exercise components & is not updated).
  • We also offer a very popular boxing & mobile boxing fitness gold coast service

Private Boxing Tuition Gold Coast

Boxing fitness sessions are run by a Fully Qualified Personal trainer who holds Cert. IV Fitness &  Advanced Cert. boxing trainer - basic techniques are taught with emphasis on fitness.

Note: Dress is usually standard gym wear.It is highly recommended you invest in your own pair of hand wraps which I can sell you ,or most fitness equipment stores will carry hand wraps. I do not provide or offer every item due to hygiene reasons, but these are also items many people wish to purchase and own themselves anyway.

To find out more, you need to book an introductory private training session (current special offer price is $45 per person).  This initial training session also includes a FREE consultation where we can then give you accurate prices and discuss your objectives/goals. This is also a good time to see the training facility and meet your personal trainer or coach in person.This will also help you make a better and more accurate decision to see if our Private boxing Tuition (gold coast services) are for you and suit your budget.

Because we offer private services, all programs are by appointment only,NO “WALK- INS”.

Executive Fighter
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