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 “ Training The Right Way For Boxing & Personal Fitness "

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With Executive Fighter from 6am-10.00pm  you will recieve private & personal boxing training with full private access to our gold coast boxing gym . Get the best in Boxing Facilities! . . . all with no waiting around or queues for equipment use !  . . . everything you could possibly need to reach your goals!

Private Boxing Instruction Gold Coast Robina  

You will find our unbeatable prices are up to 60% less than anywhere else. (see our "price promise" ) 

To find out how to learn to box & get private boxing Instruction please  book an introductory private training session (current special offer price is $45 per person).  This initial training session also includes a FREE consultation where we can then give you accurate prices and discuss your objectives/goals. This is also a good time to see the training facility and meet your personal trainer or coach in person.This will also help you make a better and more accurate decision to see if our private boxing training (gold coast robina) services are for you.We also offer a very popular mobile boxing & mobile boxing fitness gold coast training service

Learn to Box: Gold Coast Boxing Gym & Club

White Collar Boxing is a fun new way to keep fit - OPEN TO EVERYONE!

Our club & private boxing gym is for beginners up - You can train just for fitness with no physical contact, or train to fight.

"Executive Fighter"  have adopted old school and modern boxing training with new school rules to make the sport of boxing safer and open it up to the general public as a safe, fun and exhilarating way to train.

  • Our primary focus at Executive Fighter is for the health and safety of our members, and we take a very personal approach to your training, to help you with technique and strengthening your whole body. Training is open to anyone from beginners right through to experienced fighters, and we also have a specialised program for kids and women’s classes.
  • Our Training and PRIVATE boxing instruction and coaching is done and overseen by Paul who has been involved with boxing for over two decades. Paul has various credentials including being an ex boxer,an expert boxing coach,and personal trainer.

Fitness Training that Packs a Punch!- Exciting, fun and safe.. you will love it!

We are open to everyone, regardless of experience, ability, fitness or gender.We offer both non-contact training and full contact sparring – you choose.

Our members love our training programs, and we find that their eagerness to train grows stronger each week, their enjoyment level is huge! The classes are fun, empowering and a great physical workout. Many of our members have expressed how much they prefer to train in a boxing style environment over a typical gym workout which they find uninspiring and stale.
We have seen people come through the doors who have battled with controlling their weight and shape without much success, but have since found a new spark in their step and mindset by training with our program options. 

Finally a Boxing Training Gym without the Attitude!...

Our Boxing Gym: 

  • Fully equipped weights Training Room - functional training
  • International style Boxing Ring
  • Matted Area
  • Fully equipped weights area
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Punching Bags
  • Floor to Ceiling Balls
  • Speed Ball
  • AND MORE !

Our Private Boxing Instruction & Training:

Training is held up to 7 days a week - EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

boxer business woman
  • Boxing Padholding courses 
  • Boxing & Kickboxing training 
  • Sparring sessions
  • Female only class
  • Kids only class
  • Personal Training (one-on-one & two on one)
  • Video Screen
  • Personal Trainer on site
  • Amateur Boxer on site
  • Boxing Trainer on site
  • Boxing Coach on site
  • Access to discounted services 
  • AND MORE !


Details about our boxing training sessions

You can attend classes as and when you please.If you wish to achieve certain fitness goals AND learn " real" boxing techniques,ringcraft etc etc, it is highly recommended you attend ateast 2-3 x week to achieve this. All equipment is provided, however hand wraps are required for added support to your hands and wrists, these are available to buy from us from $15 , or bring your own. After you first few sessions, we recommend that you buy your own boxing gloves, but you are welcome to borrow ours for your first few sessions. Our classes and training sessions are for beginners up. For beginners up. Ladies and gents both welcome. We go through all the training and fitness aspects of boxing, with no physical contact necessary, so you can take it to whatever level you please. (However if you wish to take you training further, you can choose to have a spar or even compete at a later date.) No sign up fee. All equipment is provided. Times: With limited and FREE membership,hours are from 6am to 10pm and all programs and sessions run on days and times to suit you (subject to availability). Mon-Sun 6.00am - 10.00pm

More details...

Executive Fighter DO NOT offer the standard or common services you will normally find elsewhere . We ONLY offer affordable,TRUE Private and Exclusive Boxing , Personal Fitness and tuition services. If truly affordable,exclusive and unique private training OR private services is NOT what you are looking for, then we would suggest maybe using any "public" OR commercial gym to help you reach your goals. Executive Fighter does NOT cater for "casual" visits or "general" group training.(That is what most other gyms are for.)We are a private ,customer service focussed gym with no contracts or joining fees. Group boxing training is only available for our unique padwork courses and workshops.

Because we offer private services, all programs are by appointment only,NO “WALK- INS”. To book or find out more about current availability,please contact us online or call us.


Executive Fighter
“The Right Way To Train For Boxing and Personal Fitness"
Robina, Gold Coast , Qld 4226

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