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Private Boxing Skills Workshop Gold Coast Robina

Discover Our "Fast Track" Boxing Skills Workshop:

Learn to Box (Gold Coast), in A VERY affordable,FAST & FUN way to get into the best shape of your life! (Limited Spaces Available). . . . . Try it, you won't be disappointed.

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Boxing has become a very popular pastime and serious sport for many, and not surprisingly provides the best workout and challenges to many of our senses and capacities. You will receive heavily discounted private services inc personal training or group training in a friendly & enjoyable environment.You will train like a boxer but not have to be one.

Becoming adept at boxing will enhance confidence,self-esteem, and all aspects of your general health & fitness

No sparring or physical contact ,but there is the option of sparring if required.

Our Private White Collar Boxing Training Gold Coast robina workshops run twice every month….

  • Train at your own pace
  • Heavily discounted Beginner & Advanced Programs 
  • All equipment is included. 
  • All nutritional & fitness assessments are FREE !
  • All Nutrition & Diet Plans are 1/2 price !

What else can your Personal Boxing Training & workshops offer me?

Privacy and peace of mind. ! Specialized boxing training including Knowledge, motivation and empathy through a trainer with first hand experience in competitive boxing and martial arts...


Experience and Training by a registered Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer through Fitness Australia.- Advice, motivation and guidance involving a training program and healthy eating plan. - Personalized one on one attention or come with a friend. - The use of my gym. - Scheduled sessions at a time that is suitable for you - The option of sparring as part of your training session. - A kick start after hitting a plateau in your training regime

Your Trainer :

Paul has well over 20 yrs. experience in martial arts & “real boxing”- not learnt out of a book..but the hard way the more about paul your boxing coach

"you can be assured you are receiving the best advice & training available which is up to date & safe for you to enjoy.”    - Paul


the perfect workout for whatever your goals may be

Excellent VALUE ,This kind of service would normally cost you thousands . This specialized training offer can NOT  be found anywhere else or matched by anyone else GUARANTEED !

When :

Courses run at times to suit you !

How long will it take to complete :

Run Over 3 full weekends 10am -4pm.(The 1 on 1 Private,Personal Training option can be completed over two full weekends )

What will i will learn :

Learn all the necessary fundamentals,basic and advanced concepts, theory, techniques and practical aspects of western boxing.

Benefits include :

Wrapping Hands-Stance / Footwork-Defensive Manoeuvres-Rhythm / Coordination-Punch Combinations-How to jump Rope-How to hit Heavy Bags-How to hit Focus Mitts-Reaction and Counter punching-Self-defence Techniques-Increased Speed-Increase upper and lower body strength-Better balance, footwork and coordination-Substantial increase in cardiovascular endurance and stamina-Relief from stress-Unique total body workout-Increase confidence and self-esteem

Cost : (Includes all Private Tuition Fees, Certificate on completion,Training workbook & Self Defence Guide. Bonus: 1 x pair of A.N.B.F Approved professional “EZY Quick” Boxing Mitt/Wraps for all 1 on 1 or 2 on 1 participants).

  • - 1 on 1 
  • - 2 on 1
  • - Private Group - 4 participants
  • Easy Payment options / installments are available on request.

note: (prices are subject to change, so therefore please contact us for the latest prices & special offers )

Executive Fighter does NOT cater for "casual" visits or "general" group training.(That is what most other gyms are for.)We are a private ,customer service focussed gym with no contracts or joining fees. Group boxing training is only available for our unique padwork courses and workshops.   

Because we offer private services, all programs are by appointment only,NO “WALK- INS”.

Executive Fighter
“The Right Way To Train For Boxing and Personal Fitness"
Robina, Gold Coast , Qld 4226

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