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With limited FREE membership,hours are from 6am to 10pm & all programs & sessions run on days & times to suit you (subject to availability).

White Collar Boxing Gym Robina Prices

 To save you time we would like to advise:

  • Our Personal Boxing Training & services cannot be found anywhere else and so price comparisons with us and commercial gyms are irrelevant.
  • Serious participants need only apply !   
  • See here for prices

White Collar Private Boxing Trainers Gold Coast Bookings                                                                                  

To find out more, read the contact page and then maybe book an introductory private training session (current special offer price is $45 per person).  This initial training session also includes a FREE consultation where we can then give you accurate prices and discuss your objectives/goals. This is also a good time to see the training facility and meet your personal trainer or coach in person.This will help you make a better comparison and more accurate decision to see if our services suit you and your budget.       

Because we offer TRUE Private 1 to 1 and 2 to 1 exclusive,private services,all sessions & programs are by appointment only, NO “WALK- INS ”. 

If you require just prices then you need to read the FAQ page first, then read ALL information on the contact page before contacting us.If you do not supply the requested information or do not know EXACTLY what training and/or Service option you want then we will obviously be unable to help you ,so you will not receive a response from us.. .PLEASE READ THE WEBSITE !

Executive Fighter does NOT cater for "casual" visits or "general" group training.(That is what most other gyms are for.)We offer a more personalised service and are a private ,customer service focussed gym with no contracts or joining fees. Group boxing training is only available for our unique padwork courses and workshops.   

Please remember that we only cater for people who are serious about learning or reaching their fitness goals, and because we guarantee results for you,and our programs are a fast track training system, we require you commit to at least 2-3 sessions per week.

Again,because we offer private services, all programs are by appointment only,NO “WALK- INS”.

Please remember to read FAQ section for more info and also before contacting us.


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